Mayweather camp puts damper on Pacquiao optimism

Team Floyd Mayweather is not humming the same happy, optimistic tune that Manny Pacquiao promoter Bob Arum is.

Arum told me that he will show up in California next week for a sitdown session with the Mayweather interests and noted meditator and retired Federal Judge Daniel Weinstein.

I should make it clear that the only on the official agenda topic at that meeting will be the troubled contractual relationship arising out of a mediated settled in which Arum’s Top Rank and Golden Boy share a promotional interest in the Pinoy Idol. Golden Boy, of course, is Mayweather's appointed agent in terms of making a mega bout against Pacman.
“Things could be bubbling,” Arum told me before departed from his Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, vacation hotel Saturday to return to his home in Las Vegas.
I got the phrase “global settlement,”meaning a meeting of the minds on all issues between the opposing parties which could produce the Mayweather-Pacquiao Lollapalooza in either March or May.
“I won’t say that,” Arum said, shutting off his giddy optimist button and switching to his practiced pragmatist tone.
My Mayweather camp source said Arum is off base, way off base.

“The only issue before Judge Weinstein is the Top Rank-Golden Boy relationship as to Manny,” my informed source said.
“There will be no Mayweather-Pacquiao fight unless they agree to random blood and urine testing with a mutually agreeable prefight cutoff date. End of story.”
So we might we all might want to temper out Big Fight optimism until the key parties sit across from each other at the big conference table.
I still see the glass as half full but I am seeking treatment for my incurable optimism.
If you see with a ponderous pack of pessimists, you will know why.

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