Opinion: Golden Boy and Floyd Exemplify Contradiction

What do Richard Schaefer, Oscar De La Hoya, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Floyd Mayweather Sr., Ellerbe and Haymon have in common? Answer: Contradiction.

These are the people who have one common denominator – the word “Contradiction.”

People are not dumb, people remember. Boxing fans are aware of what’s going on, boxing writers noticed it, the public and the whole world listened.

The whole world – I mean, the whole wide world, not only America – are interested in boxing which is currently at it’s peak again because of Manny Pacquaio. Therefore any news about boxing is well documented in the minds of the fans all over the world. They read newsletters, articles, Biofiles, comments , interviews on people who are involved in boxing. All because their interest was awaken again by a fighter named Manny Pacquaio.

The names mentioned above raised a lot of eyebrows among boxing writers, sports editors, TV and radio sports commentators, boxing and fight fans. As if integrity and dignity has no value to these people above mentioned, they don’t seem to care about the importance of self respect and ethics.

They became a slave to their lies and deception, the people are not stupid. People out there deserve the truth because boxing fans are intelligent, wise and knowledgable.

Schaefer, Dela Hoya, Mayweather Jr, Sr, Ellerbe and Haymon think that they can fool the boxing world. They thought that cheating the public will go on and on and on without the fans noticing it.

Their own words are the evidence that they all have no moral principle, they don’t fight for any ideology or religion, all they care is to tarnish and diminish the achievements of the humble fighter from the Philippines. They are all masters of CONTRADICTION. Lets examine one by one, the contradictory words and actions coming from them:

Past- “I will let Mosley comply to blood test by Nevada Athletic Commission and nothing more.”
Present- “Manny Pacquaio has to submit himself to Olympic style blood testing to fight Floyd
Mayweather Jr.” But not Mosley? (Who fights for Golden Boy and is an admitted user.)

Dela Hoya:
Past- Interviewed by Yahoo Sports in the Mayweather and Marquez fight said, “Pacquaio punches we’re not that hard, truthfully his punches aren’t that hard, he didn’t hurt me. But the punches we’re so fast and coming from everywhere, its feels like there we’re ten of them.”

Present- “Now, I have to wonder about him. Im saying to myself how those punches felt like Mosley, Vargas and Pacquaio felt the same.” Oscar’s recent statement.

Mayweather Jr:
Past- Floyd Jr. said “Pacquaio doesn’t want to fight me, he never called me! He has to call me! It will be an easier fight than Marquez! Pacquaio is one dimentional fighter, its easy to beat him.”
Present- As of today, Mayweather insist for the random blood testing even though Pacquaio has agreed to three blood tests, including one right after the fight and the random urine test before the fight. Steroids will be detected in a blood test taken 1-2 days before the fight and 1-2 weeks after the fight. Pacquaio made statements in the press challenging Floyd Jr for a mano for mano. Floyd Jr. until now didn’t answer the challenge, instead issued a statement through GBP for an even playing field. Though he didn’t give Marquez an even playing field by weighing more than the agreed weight of 144 lbs, just to gain advantaged on the smaller opponent.

Mayweather Sr:
Past-Convicted Drug Trafficker!
Present- Steroids Expert and Drug Accuser!

Past- He is the manager of Berto. Berto is to fight Mosley (who has testified that he inadvertently uses steroids and epogen). Haymon didn’t request Mosley for Olympic style testing vs. Berto. Mosley is a fighter of Golden Boy.

Present- Haymon wants Random Olympic style blood testing to protect his fighter Floyd Jr. but not Berto who will fight Mosley, who’s admitted user.

Past- We will never fight Pacquaio for 50-50 in one interview with Scoop Malinowski.
Present- As of today, no contract has been signed and fight is off. Maybe, this is only the exception to all the contradiction…that they never intended to fight Manny Pacquaio because their fighter has no balls and courage to fight the number one Pound-for-Pound fighter of boxing from the Philippines. And Floyd will remained a “ducker.” No contradiction on that.”

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