Pound-for-pound king and the acknowledged “Hero of Asia” Manny Pacquiao wants Team Pacquiao members to refrain from making any comments on the allegations of his using performance-enhancing drugs or the lawsuit filed by crack lawyer Daniel Petrocelli against the Mayweathers, Oscar De La Hoya and Golden Boy Promotions CEO Richard Schaefer.

Pacquiao who is known for his humility in the face of adverse comments told us when the accusations about using performance-enhancing drugs first came out that he didn’t wish to dignify such unsubstantiated allegations and give the Mayweathers and Golden Boy the publicity and attention they were looking for.

Never an aggressive or abrasive individual outside the ring, every fighter who has met Pacquiao in the ring in the past such as David Diaz, Ricky Hatton, Miguel Cotto and even De La Hoya have commended Pacquiao for his humility and his refusal to put his opponents down or engage in trash talk.

It was only recently when the baseless allegations continued to be repeated in public that he got terribly upset and saying enough is enough directed Arum to ask his lawyers to file a lawsuit.

Now that the lawsuit has been filed Pacquiao’s adviser Michael Koncz told us that “some of the statements attributed to Manny in the recent past by media were either inaccurate or misunderstood and from now on Pacquiao has no more comments to make on the allegations or the lawsuit itself and this applies to all members of Team Pacquiao “

Koncz informed, Standard Today and Viva Sports that Pacquiao “ has instructed us that any and all questions on the issue of performance-enhancing drugs or steroids and the lawsuit should be directed to Atty. Petrocelli. “

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