Bashing Floyd Mayweather

o many critics and boxing fans are quick to write off Floyd Mayweather Jr. against Manny Pacquaio. There are millions of boxing fans that care to disagree. Floyd Mayweather is undefeated Manny Pacquiao is not,which puts him in a elite category. Mayweather will continue to never get the necessary credit due to the overrun popularity of Pacquiao.

People are losing their minds if they believe, Mayweather will get beat by Manny the way Cotto,and Hatton did. No disrespect to those fighters,but they are not Floyd Mayweather Jr. This will not be an easy fight for either of them. All of the speculating that Floyd is damaged goods before he steps in the ring is down right ludicrous.

Mayweathers willingness to verbally agree to fight Manny shows that he is fearless,and is prepared to finally shut up the fans and critics. He retired as the best, and he is back to reclaim that title once again as the best in this sport.

Despite win or lose for Mayweather he has a lot to gain in this fight.. If he wins he will gain a tremendous amount of respect from the boxing community who accuse him of cherry picking opponents and ducking Pacquaio. If he can beat Pacquaio there will be no question he is the greatest.

Frankly if Floyd beats Manny he will continue to somehow get bashed in the media. Then they will say he beat Manny but cant beat Mosley or Williams. Bottom line it doesn't matter, if Mayweather beats Pacquaio he wont receive any props.

Don't get me wrong I absolutely love Manny Pacquiao he brings such passion and class to the sport. I love that he fights for the pride of his country and is a hero.

Floyd is also a hero to millions of people especially to young African American men. Floyd does a lot of good across America for inner city youth, the homeless food drives etc... but you will never hear about that. It seems he is never given a fair shake in and out of boxing.

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