Pacman’s Holiday Greetings for Floyd: Merry Christmas and I’ll See You in Court

Former pound-for-pound best Floyd Mayweather Jr. may have finally overplayed his hand in the continuing saga over his proposed superfight against reigning pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao as the Pacman has finally decided to respond by filing a case against them as reported by popular Filipino boxing website

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Yes! Stick it to the heart of those pompous, arrogant, malicious, scheming bullies and their spin doctors, and score a point for the low-key, humble, and patient little guy who refuses to bow down to the harassment put up by his detractors who are insisting on an overly stringent self-serving drug testing procedure while at the same time continuing to malign his good name with their false and baseless accusations.

Former pound-for-pound best Floyd Mayweather Jr. may have finally overplayed his hand in the continuing saga over his proposed superfight against reigning pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao as the Pacman has finally decided to respond by filing a case against them as first reported by popular Filipino boxing website, taking the high road by choosing to answer the trial-by-publicity blacksmear campaign employed by the Mayweathers in the proper forum.

In a statement prepared on Christmas Day from his hometown in Sarangani, Philippines, Pacquiao announced that he will be filing libel, slander and defamation charges against Floyd Mayweather Jr., Floyd Mayweather Sr., and Golden Boy Promotions in the next few days.

"Enough is enough. These people, Mayweather Sr., Jr., and Golden Boy Promotions, think it is a joke and a right to accuse someone wrongly of using steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs. I have tried to just brush it off as a mere pre-fight ploy but I think they have gone overboard", said Pacquiao.

He really wasn't under any obligation to explain his success especially considering that the allegations were purely unsubstantiated and coming from sources who are themselves questionable with their own ulterior motives. But seeing how the issue has continued to snowball into absurd proportions through the constant yapping of the Mayweathers and their cohorts, Pacquiao went on to explain:

"I maintain and assure everyone that I have not used any form or kind of steroids and that my way to the top is a result of hard work, hard work, hard work and a lot of blood spilled from my past battles in the ring, not outside of it".

As may be recalled, the steroid insinuations were started by the elder Mayweather a few months back while Pacquiao was in the midst of his preparations for his November 14 fight against Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto. According to his statement, Pacquiao contemplated on taking legal action then but decided against it because he did not want to get distracted during that time as he was preparing for one of the toughest fights of his career.

But holding out hope that their megafight tentatively scheduled on March 13 can still push through, Pacquiao issued this feisty challenge, "Now, I say to Floyd Mayweather Jr., don't be a coward and face me in the ring, mano-a-mano and shut your big, pretty mouth, so we can show the world who is the true king of the ring", said Pacquiao. "Pretty Boy Floyd, face me instead on March 13 in Las Vegas and not in some talk show forum or in press releases written for you by people who don't even know me. Face me in a fight where I get to punch back".

Those are words that don't usually come out of the mouth of the soft-spoken Pacquiao who doesn't normally engage in trash talks. There is a chance that it was issued in hopes of trying to salvage their titanic showdown, as there may still be a chance if the Mayweathers get to their senses, but most definitely it sounded like a man who has clearly been wronged and out to get his just revenge, whether in the ring or out of it. Either way, Pacquiao stands to gain a windfall off the Mayweathers whether Floyd decides to fight him in the ring or not as the defamation suit is sure to cost the Mayweathers millions as well.

Pacquiao made it clear however that he is not against any form of drug testing as long as it is mandated by any athletic sports commission. He just finds it funny and stupid that a system which has been in place for decades will be changed just because Floyd Mayweather said so. He further stressed that he has undergone all kinds of drug testing and medical examinations before and after every fight for the past fifteen years and he has never failed any of them.

Not forgetting the yuletide season however, Pacquiao closed out his statement by sending some holiday cheers to his detractor, "to Floyd, despite all these accusations, may your Christmas be merry and I will see you in court, soon".

As a fan, as much as I want to see Paquiao and Mayweather get it on in the ring, and I do believe it will eventually happen at some point whether on March 13 or not, it cannot be overemphasized how important this move is for Pacquiao's career and legacy. Having followed his career even before he made it big in the world stage I firmly believe that he is clean of all the insinuations hurled against him and I would want nothing more than to see him clear his name and prove to all the world that he is.

Pacquiao provides so much inspiration with his fairytale back story, his ring exploits, and his classy and humble disposition outside of it. But this defamation suit strikes a different chord with ordinary people especially those who at one time or another have been wronged for whatever reason. When all humility and patience have been exhausted, do not stoop to the level of your detractors but instead make your stand in the court of law even at the expense of a potential $40 million payday. Once again Pacquiao distinguishes himself not only as a champion inside the ring but a true champion of what is good and decent left in humanity.

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