Mayweather, Jr. vs. Pacquiao will happen; "The Secret" is out

This is all so silly. The two sides (Floyd Mayweather, Jr. / Golden Boy vs. Manny Pacquiao / Top Rank) have to wake up pretty early each morning to determine who is mad at whom and why each day.

What I'm picking up on is these daily turf wars; everything from the "100,000 vs.16,200" to "blood vs. urine" is setting back our once quaint boxing civilization.

Somebody with some clout must have a serious secret that he's fighting to keep in his vault. And I mean it's such a deep dark secret that if it gets out, it will rock a few worlds.

So these little turf wars will continue, but they are getting terribly tedious. Five years from now, some mutant form of Golden Boy and some similar form of Top Rank will be fighting over a couple of 17 year-old kids of different races and nationalities. Today's fighters, Mayweather, Jr. and Pacquiao will be old news.

I remember just a few years ago Golden Boy employed "The Voice of Reason," the dignified Don Chargin, as a consultant. But soon after that concluding, Golden Boy seemed to have lost its moral compass and now GBP lives in the proverbial glass house.

GBP shouldn't be throwing stones from the glass house, such as making demands regarding blood tests or anything else really. They should just be happy to be in on the deal on Mayweather, Jr.'s nickel.

Mayweather, Jr. isn't really even their fighter, he hired them to negotiate for him to close this particular deal to fight Pacquiao against his former promoter Top Rank.

Hiring GBP to negotiate for him against Top Rank is certainly his legal right but one of the laziest and stupidest moves in both business and boxing history.

It let a known wolf into the hen house.

GBP has a promotional piece of opponent Manny Pacquiao! What a conflict of interest! But this is professional boxing.

They actually earned it when they once intercepted Pacquiao at LAX Airport and later handed him a duffel bag full of money, rumored to be a cool $250,000.

Remember that classy bit of boxing history? And an arbiter standing between Richard Schaefer and Bob Arum still actually handed GBP a piece of the action. Only in America Don King! GBP actually benefited from this!

Back to this secret. Is this secret now elevated to "The Secret." Such as the fight becoming "The Fight?"

So is there or isn't there a "Secret" that explains a bunch of strange moves by Mayweather, Jr. and Golden Boy Promotions?

Is it totally crazy that Mayweather, Jr. could owe a certain casino a ton of money in the form of loans and gambling markers and in return, deliver this or any other fight he's involved in as some form of medieval collateral?

Not so crazy if you consider his huge IRS debt and self-stated gambling habits. If NBA referees can sell out, why not a boxer in major debt?

But could it be "The Secret" is the explanation for a bunch of isolated, peculiar Mayweather, Jr. and GBP moves?

Perhaps time will tell, but for now, we can all just guess something made them defy sports logic and balk at a real Super Bowl venue (and the biggest live gate guarantee in boxing history) without hesitation or consideration. And that same possible dark secret logic may be the very reason they can't blow this fight.

Can I prove it? No. It's just my opinion.

MGM Grand (16,200) vs. Cowboys Stadium (100,000) will be a new required course as part of the Harvard Business School curriculum this spring.

But back to Floyd. When he told Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer this two weeks ago, Schaefer, no fool, the "Swiss Banker" had no reason to fly to Texas even though he knew he would be publicly humiliated for pulling out at the 11Th hour.

This would explain a lot of things to my satisfaction. This "blood vs. urine" is now just window dressing. It's just to screw with Pacquiao's head.

But "The Secret" explains a bunch of isolated, peculiar Mayweather, Jr. and GBP moves.

I'm waiting for the next turf war.

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