Mayweather wants the MGM Pacquiao could care less

Floyd Mayweather Jr wants the fight to take place in Las Vegas. Of course it's in his back yard, and he wouldn't get creamed in taxes. Both reasonable enough reasons I suppose. Pacquaio could care less where they fight. This writer spoke with Freddie Roach this afternoon, and was informed that Manny is completely on board with the fight, and will fight anywhere. Roach explained, " We are completely on board, we'll fight anywhere. Floyd wants to fight in Las Vegas, but Dallas is making an offer tough to refuse."

NFL football franchise owner, Jerry Jones is pushing hard to land this fight at the new Texas Stadium, in Dallas. The bottom line is this, if both fighters are being guaranteed 25 million dollars, the promoter of the show must find a venue that is willing to absorb that cost. Jones is offering 25 million dollars to bring the fight to Dallas, Texas. Unless someone tops that, that is where Arum will want to bring the fight. Now, Mayweather of course will have to agree, and that's the tricky part.

This is all boiling down to the venue? Depending on how stubborn Mayweather is, it could take some time for this thing to get done. The purse is settled, the glove size is settled, the weight is settled, it seems as if it's all coming down to location, location, location.

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