The Mayweathers Carry The Burden of Proof

The burden of proof.

During my stint as a debating class student, we were told that anyone who has the guts to make serious accusations, claims, and other pieces of information that could prove vital and add more validity to his argument must present evidences to support such claim.

Such is the burden of proof.

In what is now a halted negotiation for the Pacquiao-Mayweather super fight, it is clear where the snag in the agreement process stems from. Right after Pacquiao scored a devastating second round-knockout victory over Ricky Hatton last May, Hatton’s then head trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr., made some serious comments that implied the probability of Pacquiao using illegal substances that could have boosted his performances and helped him campaign successfully through various weight classes.

As time went by, the accusations grew bolder and stronger and have recently hit fever pitch when the Mayweather camp insisted on an Olympic-style series of random drug test to “level the playing field.” For Pacquiao and his people, this demand is outrageously ridiculous and does not warrant any merit at all.

I agree.

See, the burden of proof falls on Mayweather Sr.’s shoulders. After all, it was he who made such accusations in the first place.

But did they show any evidence that Pacquiao is indeed taking performance-enhancing drugs? No. Did they have any charts or papers or test results that reveal any signs of steroids in Pacquiao’s system? No. Was there a point in time that they present a witness that says Pacquiao is indeed taking steroids? No, they did not.

The point being driven here is that the Mayweathers are pressing a claim that is unfounded and lacks substantial evidence. Unless they can present the boxing public with just a proof to support the allegations, then Pacquiao needs not to explain himself why he does not want to undergo any other drug tests other than those required by the Commission.

And if this was a debate, which in some way it is, the Mayweathers have a heavy burden on their shoulders right now.

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