Does Floyd Mayweather need a weight advantage to beat mega Manny?

Although negotiations have once again ground to a halt over several points, the most pressing issue seems to be Mayweather insisting on being the bigger man when he and Manny Pacquiao step into the ring in March.

Obviously Manny's team are none too happy with this, and want Floyd to be strictly held to the 147lb welterweight limit.

This is actually heavier than most thought Pacquiao would be pushing for, given that he isn't opposed to catch weights when facing opponents much larger than himself.

A weight similar to the Cotto fight was expected for Manny, and to agree to the 147lb limit is what most thought Floyd would have been pushing for at the negotiating table. The fact that Floyd wants even more than this seems to suggest that either he doubts himself on an even footing to Manny, or struggles to make the weight these days.

Coach Roach's opposing number Roger Mayweather may well be the one pushing for the weight allowance alongside his nephew, although given his legal troubles, he might not be in the picture come fight time.

Roger is a better trainer than he gets credit for (AP Photo)Toothless ex-con he might be, but Roger Mayweather is also a crafty trainer and undoubtedly knows the difference those extra pounds could mean for Floyd should he be able to have them. Not only will he effectively be a super welterweight fighting a smallish welterweight, but those few extra pounds will give him more strength to bully Manny around in the ring and take more abuse than he might have otherwise.

Whether the extra weight Floyd hopes to have will make a significant difference is difficult to say, Manny has been significantly smaller against his last few opponents and still come out on top. Miguel Cotto and Ricky Hatton were both a lot bigger than Manny after rehydrating, but the difference didn't seem to play a role in the outcome of the fight.

Of course Mayweather is a different kind of fighter than the all action Cotto or Hatton, and the main difference in those fights was Manny's speed. Against Mayweather his main concern will be making Mayweather miss and catching him before Floyd's slick defenses can come into play.

Roach isn't budging (AP Photo)Coach Roach is adamant that there will be no penalties other than the fight being called off if Mayweather comes in over. The Mayweathers on the other hand want a few pounds of wiggle room, with financial penalties to be allowed.

Given all that's at stake though as well as the fact that either man will make in the region of $40 million, financial penalties seen a little inadequate. Perhaps something to the tune of a 10% purse cut per pound he comes in over will be enough to stop Floyd trying to gain an advantage.

The fact that he feels the need to have those extra pounds at his disposal is a sure sign of Mayweather not being too sure of himself against Manny.

Against Juan Manuel Marquez, Floyd came in heavy against an already much smaller opponent, and the fight was one sided. More than actually doubting himself beating Marquez though, Mayweather was perhaps nervous about coming back after such a long period away fro the ring. After all it's often difficult to see just how in shape and ready you are until you get in there with a good opponent. Every boxer can look good in training, but putting that all together against a decent opponent is another thing. Against Marquez, Mayweather was probably looking at the extra weight as an insurance policy against whatever decline and ring rust he might find when he got into the ring.

Against Manny though he should know his limitations and by now feel ready and focused, having shaken off the ring rust by battering Marquez earlier this year. Perhaps after making his return fight as easy as he could, a smaller, older opponent jumping two weight classes and then coming in overweight himself, Floyd now isn't ready for someone of Manny's caliber right away. Perhaps a sterner test against a bigger opponent would have been a better choice.

Often when faced with criticism over taking the Marquez fight in the first place, Mayweather likes to counter with the fact that he started his carer at 108 pounds. Surely then making a 147 limit without being over shouldn't be any trouble?

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