Manny Pacquiao versus Floyd Mayweather Jr lets seal the deal

Here we stand just days before Christmas. My family has been asking me day after day what it is that I exactly want for Christmas. I don’t really respond because I feel like I really don’t need anything. I by no means am saying that I have it all, but I just don’t feel like I need much. What helps me is the fact that I know the difference between want and need, Like I would want to get a new watch, or I would want to get a new pair of kicks, I would want to get a new computer. As I then think about it, I really don’t need those things. The things I really need may be the things that are harder to get. Like I need for the New York Giants to get their crap together and win it all this year[ Brandon Jacobs, if you are reading this, Rip through them holes and get yours baby.] I also need for haters to stop hating and just do what you do, don’t try to knock or piss on the next man’s hustle, you do you and I’ll do me. I could go on and on on things that I need, below I name fights that need to happen in order to make 2010 as memorable as 2009 was. Enjoy.

P.S. Speaking of need, I really need Megan Fox to be under my Christmas tree come Christmas morning, see what I mean? Some of the things we really need are the things that are hardest to get. I know, I know, keep dreaming right?

Manny Pacquiao versus Floyd Mayweather Jr.- I don’t care if this fight happens in March, May, or September. I just want this fight to be sealed and delivered already. We all want this fight, but History demands this fight. This fight can easily be billed as Pound For Pound, but I feel that these two fighters are fighting for much more than that. They are fighting to determine who in fact really is the ”Decade’s Best”. Let’s do this already.

A Super 6 Tourney at Jr. Welter- Let’s not stop at Super 6 at 168, it is proving to be a great idea so let’s build on it. Titles and titles will be passed around more than the cold, but at the end of it all, there shall only be one man standing above it all. Timothy Bradley, Victor Ortiz, Paulie Malignaggi, Amir Khan, Edwin Valero, Juan Urango, Devon Alexander, Nate Campbell, it really doesn’t matter how you mix it up, let’s get this done.

A new heavyweight force to emerge- Nothing against the Klitschko’s but damn son, if you two brothers aint gonna fight one another to clear the foggy air up there, then what’s the point? We need a storm to emerge and step on the scene and smash everyone wreckingball style. We need a new force at heavyweight worse than Tiger Woods needs a ….nevermind…I’ll back off of poor Tiger.. Keep doing your thing Tiger. By that I mean, keep playing golf and the rest will take care of itself.

Adamek/Cunningham 2- Adamek may be moving on to bigger things, but the second he chooses to step back down in weight, Adamek needs to get at Cunningham and give us another instant classic.

David Haye vs. Chris Arreola- It may turn out to be a big chase, or it could be an explosive fight. Let’s find out.

Chad Dawson vs. Tavoris Cloud- Is the Storm Cloud the truth? Is Cloud the future? Or is Cloud simply just the next Jeff Lacy? A clash against Dawson will bring all answers to light.

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