Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr.: An old fashioned shootout fit for Cowboys Stadium in Texas!

Ace Freeman chalks up a vote for Texas’s Cowboys Stadium as venue for a proposed mega fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. in 2010!

While the world awaits an official announcement making a Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight official, there is much speculation surrounding the venue choice in regards to which facility will play host to the potential dream fight. While the financial safe haven of Las Vegas is the front runner for obvious reasons, I remain intrigued at the choice of the premiere NFL “Cowboys Stadium” in Texas as a potential site for this historic showdown.

At this point you have no doubt read a number of articles telling you why it will or won’t happen, why Las Vegas is a lock, and an array of other writers telling you what to ultimately believe. I have no new information for you, but offer up the reminder that with the amount of money involved in this potential fight – anything is possible. It was speculated over a week ago that Cowboys Stadium was out of the running, and shortly thereafter Dallas Cowboy’s owner Jerry Jones upped his ante to a 25 million dollar guarantee to land the fight. Since that time no further rejections have been voiced.

Although it always comes down to the money, I can’t help but think about the wide spread publicity the sport of boxing would gain from having the bout held in the NFL’s marquee venue. While boxing has carried the lable of being a “niche” sport in the last few years, it would be a welcomed change to see an American football stadium crammed packed with upwards of 100,000 SPORTS fans (not just Fight Fans) eagerly awaiting one of the biggest boxing matches in history.

It’s no knock against Las Vegas and the grandeur it has provided our sport for the last 25+ years, but for a fight that will no doubt transcend the confines of it’s sport everyone would benefit from the prolonged exposure to new fans in North America’s largest sports market.

I won’t pretend to be privy to any of the ongoing negotiations, but I’d love to see Top Rank’s Bob Arum and Mayweather’s camp take Jerry Jones up on his offer and ask that the fight be promoted at Cowboy Stadium for every remaining Dallas Cowboy’s game this year.

Couple the biggest fight in boxing history with the NFL’s currently popularity and we can all sit back and watch the anticipation and electricity mount.

A big sticking point against Texas at the moment is the distrust of their State officials among boxing circles, specific to the judges that could be appointed.

Hopefully as this is set to be the biggest fight in history the promoters can find a way to bring in the most respected judges in the world.

With all the money on the table for this fight (the 25 million dollar ’site fee’ for example) I can’t help but think all of these small details can be worked out so that Fight Fans everywhere can see the biggest fight in the history of boxing fought on the biggest and most marquee site in North America.

Put this fight in Cowboy Stadium, pack it full of 100,000 sports fans, and sit back and watch as boxing makes it’s triumphant return to the cover of every sports paper in the world.

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