Ignore the doubters, Mayweather vs. Pacquiao is too lucrative not to go ahead

It seems every other day there are new problems arizing for the super fight between Manny and Floyd, and more and more are doubting the fight will happen.

There are still issues surrounding the venue, weight penalties,and numerous other issues being brougt up on a daily basis. The fact of the matter is though, that the fight is too big for the powers that be in boxing, namely big Bob and the Golden Boy people not to let this happen.

Despite the fact that both Top Rank and Golden Boy have millions in the bank, there arent that many star on either roster at the moment. In short, both companies need a pay day as big as this to stay on top against the competition. The promotion game is a notoriously cut throat business, and if you dont stay on top by making the most money, then you quickly sink to the bottom.

What's at stake with a fight like this runs into the hundreds of millions all told, much of which will be lining the pockets of Arum and Golden Boy. The pay per view revenue alone will likely be over a hundred million dollars, which is somehting that noone involved will want to let slip through their fingers.

To think that that amount of money rests on whether Mayweather will accept a strict weight limit or that Pacquiao will give a few extra urine samples before the fight is amazing. Incidentally with the urine drinking craze among certain athletes at the moment, Manny might want to start bottling his and selling it as a sideline between fights. The urine of a 7 weight champion would practically sell itself to the urine drinkers of the world.

Urine aside for the moment, there is a small chance that the fight will be pushed back until the end of next year but both parties seem to want the fight sooner than that. Floyd has his debts and dwindling bank accounts and Manny has his election to deal with in the near future, so a March date makes the most sense for both. Not to mention Manny will probably retire after his next fight, and probably wants to get it over with rather than having another entire year taken up. Likewise pretty boy Floyd isn't getting any younger for someone who relies on reflexes and speed.

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