Entire Mayweather-Pacquiao deal is 50-50 split

In case you're wondering how the overall deal to make the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao super bout has come so far so fast, it is because there has been no bickering over who gets the bigger slice of the pie.

Recognizing each other as equal in stature, the two sides are going right down the middle--50-50 split--on all revenue sources for the March 13 battle of champions generally considered the world's two best pound for pound fighters.

(Click here for Bob Arum's audio interview just a few minutes ago)

"That agreement greased the way to get right into all the other subjects," a source familiar with the ongoing negotiations told me Thursday night. "That's why the only big hurdle remaining here is the where meaning whether the fight lands in Arlington, TX., or in the so familiar MGM Grand Garden Arena."

Both sides are hoping to choose either Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones offer or the deal proposed by MGM Grand Mirage, which owns 19 casinos besides the MGM Grand, shortly, perhaps as soon as this weekend.

When all terms can be reduced to writing and Floyd and Manny put their "John Hancocks" at the bottom, the next move will be to formalize plans for the January 8 promotion press conference launch in New York.

It looks as though a second presser will take place in Los Angeles soon after.

Then Pacman will begin training in Baguio while Mayweather likely stays close to his Big Boy Mansion and personally owned gym in Vegas.

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