Golden hypocrites: Nevada test sufficient for Mosley, not for Pacquiao

The hypocrisy of Boxing Banker Richie Rich Schaefer, who only does the bidding of Floyd Mayweather and adviser Al Haymon anyway, has come back to haunt him and the Mayweather camp like my uncle, Jacob Marley ,came back to haunt that miser Scrooge in “A Christmas Carol.”

When it looked like Zab Judah would fight BALCO graduate Sugar Shane Mosley, who has sworn under oath in federal court that he took illegal steroids before a fight with Oscar de la Hoya but was unaware of their illegality, the Judah camp called for drug testing for Shane above and beyond what the Nevada commission requires.

Schaefer’s resounding answer was: No way, Jose!
Here’s part of the Associated Press report on the controversy in 2008:

“One of Judah's managers, Michael Shinefield, said he sent an e-mail two weeks ago to Golden Boy Promotions, which represents Mosley, calling for blood testing for both fighters. Golden Boy chief executive Richard Schaefer said he has not responded to that e-mail, but that Mosley will agree to any tests required by the Nevada Athletic Commission.

"The Nevada commission requires urine testing of fighters immediately after bouts, but does not require blood tests. Drug experts differ over whether blood tests are more effective than urine tests at detecting some performance-enhancing drugs.

"We only do urine tests. Our inspectors collect urine from the fighters on fight night. Our inspectors aren't qualified or licensed to draw blood," Keith Kizer, executive director of the Nevada Athletic Commission, said in a telephone interview. "If they want to do any other type of test, that's up to them, they're free to do that."
Last year, Mosley acknowledged using steroids before a bout against Oscar De La Hoya in 2003, but said the use was unintentional. Mosley testified in 2003 before the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative grand jury. He never has tested positive for drugs, and has not been charged in the BALCO case.”

The Judah-Mosley bout never took place in Las Vegas but Schaefer’s insistence that the Nevada commission testing was sufficient for admitted steroid user Mosley speaks volumes.
I guess what was sufficient for Mosley is not sufficient for Pacquiao.

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