Massive Mayweather-Pacquiao deal gets done next week

CHICAGO--Done deal.

(Click here to see a video of what the boxing fans have to say about Manny vs. Floyd.)

Those are really the only two words that boxing fans the world over want to hear about the proposed March 13 Super Fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.

Call me a cockeyed optimist, folks, but I think those heartening words, "done deal" will ring out from both camps by this time next week.

I think, based on 40 plus years sitting ringside at the big fight circus, that fight fans are about to get the best Christmas present ever.

It's all down to a matter of twos.

Let me explain.

You've got the two best fighters in the world, the flashy and unbeaten Mayweather and the whirling Pinoy dervish known as Pacman.

You've got two possible venues--and only a pair of them now--in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and the self-resuscitated "Jerry's World" Dallas Cowboy stadium offer from team owner and legendary mogul Jerry Jones.

You've got two strong voices repping the fighters, Richard Schaefer in the Mayweather corner and Top Rank president and Bob Arum stepson Todd duBoef.

And they have two guys backing up their moves to seal this massive deal. duBoef naturally gets full guidance from Arum, the voice of experience, while I've learned that Schaefer is leaning on a voice of reason in the Golden Boy office, marketing whiz Bruce Binkow.

Duboef on one side and Schaefer on the other have made considerable progress in reaching agreement as to any possible sticky issues which could block or preclude the mega match from being put down on paper so Floyd and Manny can sign off.

In a reversal of form, Schaefer and sidekick Binkow are ready, willing and able to now listen to what the irrepressible Jones is willing to put on the table to bring the huge fight to Arlington rather than to Nevada.

Everyone seems to be in agreement as to the money issues.

There is no weight issue.

The WBO welterweight title that Megamanny took off the head of Miguel Cotto will be contested between them.

Oh, and those twos I keep mentioning.

There's one more.

Too big, too big to fail.

Get the lawyers on speed dial because it will shortly be time for the final documents to be executed.

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