Pacman up against Mayweather trash-talks

MANILA, Philippines - Floyd Mayweather Sr. is just as good a trash-talker as Floyd Mayweather Jr

The boxing trainer who claims to be the best out there, once again lashed out at Manny Pacquiao and his trainer Freddie Roach, and boldly predicted that on March 13, 2010, if and when the fight ever takes place, the world would see who the better fighter is.

“Pacquiao is a terrible man. The man doesn’t move his damn head... he jumps straight in. Hey man,you gonna see. You gonna see,” said the old man, who just never runs of bad things to say against the Filipino pound-for-pound champion and his trainer as well.

He said Pacquiao never really wanted to fight Mayweather Jr., the undefeated ex-pound-for-pound king. It’s just that Bob Arum of Top Rank wanted the fight so bad that he managed to get Pacquiao into an agreement to set the fight the soonest time possible.

“Yeah man. Lil Floyd... agreed to the terms, then Freddie Roach started backtracking. He said it was all on Lil Floyd and they were ready to go and this and that, and then he changed it to Manny got a busted eardrum, March is too soon and all that s--t.

“Man, get the f---k out of here. How long of a training camp do they need? It’s not until March. I really don’t think Pacquiao wanted to fight Lil Floyd. He knows what he’s up against,” said Mayweather Sr.

The problem is he said the same things when Pacquiao faced Oscar dela Hoya, Ricky Hatton and Miguel Cotto, and the 30-year-old Pinoy icon whipped them all. Again, Mayweather Sr. found ways to get out of the hole.

“A trainer can only give instructions, man. Hatton was scared of Pacquiao though. And Cotto was done after the (Antonio) Margarito fight, man. Lil Floyd hasn’t taken any damage in the fight game and Pacquiao knows he is fighting a different animal, man,” he said.

Pacquiao had wanted to file libel charges against the old Mayweather for saying he was into steroids, but pulled out of the plan, when he realized, well, according to one of his advisers, “that they couldn’t get anything from Mayweather if they win the case.”

Pacquiao knows what he’s up against, and it’s a pair of trash-talkers.

“(Ang pagkakaiba ni Floyd Mayweather sa ibang nakalaban ko ay si Floyd, marami siyang trash talk na di dapat gayahin ng mga bata (The difference between Floyd with the other fighters I went up against is that he talks a lot of trash which should not be emulated by kids),” said Pacquiao.

On March 13, as in his previous fights, Pacquiao will let his punches do the talking.

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