"Money" Mayweather or "Manny" more dollars for Pacquiao?

hey call him "Money" Mayweather, but who's got the real stacks of paper here? Perhaps it should be Manny "Money man" Pacquiao instead? Yes, Floyd Mayweather has made a large amount of cash over his career, but from what this writer hears he spends an awful lot of it too. Floyd Mayweather lives a lavish lifestyle. Hopefully Mayweather has the right people around him, and he's making the right investments. Manny Pacquiao is becoming a large cash cow himself. Pacquiao can easily earn over 20 million for this fight with Floyd, and perhaps up to 30 million. When you combine that money with his endorsements, movies, and his music, it adds up quickly.
This writer is not entirely sure what Floyd Mayweather Jr does with his money as far as giving back to his community, but what Pacquiao has done with his goes without saying. Manny has an entire nation on his shoulders that he tries to look after. Mayweather has in fact fed hungry people that need food in Las Vegas, this much I know, so he does some good. He has been seen feeding hungry people off the streets in the Vegas area. He is due respect for that.
The financial kingdom that Manny Pacquiao is rapidly building will subside some once he retires, however if he invests correctly he can build on his earnings. He still wants to do movies, and music after retirement so money will still be in his future even after he hangs up the gloves. Manny is a young man, and his future sure looks bright. Hopefully he will have the right people around him and he will make the right investments with his money.
Far too many times we have seen people gain financial freedom only to lose it all due to bad investments, bad people, not paying taxes, and or just poor personal judgments. Pacquiao seems pretty level headed and in tune with his fortune so hopefully he will be fine. Manny has earned a lot of money over the past few years, and stands to earn a lot more this year. Calling the "Pacman" Manny "Money" Pacman suits him just fine as well.

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