Billionaire Jerry Jones: May buy Mayweather-Pacquiao for legacy

CHICAGO--You ask me why billionaire Jerry Jones would throw upwards of $20 million to Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao so that he can host their super fight March 13 at his sparkling new football stadium in Arlington, Tex., I can give you some snappy answers.

Like the following:

1. Ego. Massive ego, that is. Why does Donald Trump slap his name on all the buildings he owns or has a piece of? Same answer.
2. Because he can. Jones does not have to answer to shareholders like the corporate guys at the MGM Grand Mirage do, he’s the boss with the hot sauce and can spend his money like a drunken sailor whenever, wherever he wishes.
3. Legacy. Jones is 67 years old and maybe he wants to go down in history as the uber host for what should be a memorable match. He would put a distinct notch in his belt by landing Mayweather-Pacquiao especially in competition with the Vegas titans.
4. Competitor. He was a football star on a national college championship at Arkansas and he has not stopped competing ever since. In business, whether it’s oil and gas or the cutthroat competition of the National Football League. the man has a Midas touch.
5. I repeat myself, BECAUSE HE CAN.

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