HBO, MGM may have to choose Pacquiao OR Mayweather

HBO PPV and the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino wanted Mayweather versus Pacquiao on March 13.

Now the prime cable network and the corporate owner of 20 casinos might have to choose between Floyd and Manny.

Team Mayweather, in a burst of either honesty or stupidity, admitted to hometown newspaper scribe David Mayo that it has no “Plan B” other than a mega bout against Manny Pacquiao on March 13 at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino on March 13.

That’s what Mayweather minder Laughing Lenny Ellerbe informed the reporter for the Grand Rapids, Mich., Press, the other day.
It’s Pacquiao or Bust, according to Ellerbe. Yet Mayweather’s chosen negotiator Richie Rich Schaefer told someone else that Mayweather will fight TBD on that date if the Pacman fight does not move forward.
Which is it, guys?
For his Pacquiao part, Bob Arum is still rattling the chains about having Megamanny fight on the four days before St. Patrick’s Day Saturday night against newly crowned WBA junior middleweight champion Yuri Foreman.
Apprently, at least based on my lengthy phone chat with vacationing in Cabo Wabo Arum, Tuesday morning, the Top Rank top honcho has tuned the off switch on a Paulie Malignaggi fight in place of a Mayweather match.
Arum said he hopes to sell Pacquiao-Foreman, with Manny trying to a record world title in an eighth weight class, to the MGM and to HBO.
So we may see a promotional fight between the Mayweather interests and Arum.
Bring it on, Uncle Roberto said, bring it on.
“We could switch to March 20 and the Thomas & Mack Center is available but we’d prefer to stay at the MGM.
“But, if they want Mayweather on the March 13 date, then we can see what the true colors of the MGM Grand are. I can say the same about HBO. If either the MGM or HBO bypasses Pacquiao for Mayweather, then they won’t be doing any more business with me as to Manny Pacquiao,” Arum said.
Arum also tossed in an odd, sarcastic comment when I mentioned how it’s a bit of a shame for Mayweather-Pacman on March 13 to be derailed given all the “Hot Stove League” coverage of the past two weeks.
“Here’s two down weeks, holiday weeks,” Arum said, “and boxing is the Number 1 story.”
I mentioned that MA mogul Dana White might be peeved over this.
“Maybe we can get Dana to handle all the drug testing to satisfy Mayweather,” Arum said.
I had to laugh given White’s many shots at boxing in general and Mayweather in particular.

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