Mayweather backing out of March 13 fight against Pacquiao?

For the record, I have said two things about the super fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. One is that there is no way this fight is happening anywhere but Las Vegas. It just doesn't make sense, I don't care how many million dollars you say this or that stadium is willing to offer. And Araneta Coliseum in the Philippines? Someone must've been smoking crack to believe that one was even going to be considered. 30 minutes at the tables with a high-roller say from Brunei or Dubai or even Charles Barkley means millions as it is. Plus, Vegas has the infrastructure with the hotels, casinos, 24-hour lifestyle on top of everything else to accommodate the biggest fight of the decade. And Mayweather is from Vegas, so enough of all the nonsense venue hullabaloo. Why would you labor to sell ice cubes in Alaska when you can sell it in Africa?

Second, I always thought that if this fight was going to happen, it will be later in the year. Let's say Bob Arum really took the Golden bait, but I just don't believe Floyd wants a piece of Pacquiao right away. In my article I published a few weeks ago, after hanging around with Jeff Mayweather who said Floyd was already training for a possible fight in Europe, and the fact that the sudden announcement of Floyd agreeing to fight Pacquiao without a signed contract didn't really make much sense, I guess all I'm saying is that it doesn't take Phil Ivey to realize that Mayweather might very well be bluffing.

How so?

Well, Floyd really wants to fight in Europe. An announcement that he wanted to fight Pac out of nowhere placed Pac in a gun-point position to decide on fighting Mayweather in March. With all the reports of Pacquiao running for politics and his injuries on top of his other commitments, it was going to be tough for Pacquiao to pull it off. What Mayweather didn't realize is that Pacquiao really wants to beat his a$$- badly! Pacquiao said it himself. So regardless if it would've been more convenient for Pacquiao to wait after the elections, he signed-on to fight Mayweather, taking away the arrogant loudmouth's alibis. Pacquiao after all is about challenges, not convenience which is more like Mayweather's alley.

And it only makes sense that even after Pacquiao signed-on to the fight Mayweather that his father and former trainer and constant Pacquiao detractor Floyd Sr. would say he didn't really think Pacquiao wanted to fight his son, because they really wanted to put Pacquiao in that position. Well too bad, Pacquiao really wants to "whup" his son so bad and now they are scrambling to concoct another contingency plan since what they expected didn't work. Floyd wanted to put the gun on Pacquiao making things inconvenient for the Filipino to say yes to fight him in March so in my opinion, he could come back and say "Well, I already agreed to fight him, he's the one who backed out so I'm fighting in Europe against Ricky Hatton's brother," and "I told you Pacquiao is afraid to fight me," or something along those lines. Too bad that script just went out the door. So now what Floyd?

In the most recent article by Nick Giongco of, Pacquiao's promoter Bob Arum said, “I am very disillusioned,” talking about Golden Boy CEO Richard Shaeffer who is representing Mayweather, pulling out of a scheduled meeting to iron out details on the fight. Further, Arum who was such in a positive and upbeat mood after coming back to the US from the Philippines with Pacquiao's go signal to fight Mayweather in March said, “I think Richard (Schaefer) has an agenda,” and added in a more somber mood, “We’ll see, we’ll see..”.

Is it really that hard to see uncle Bob or has age caused your vision to go Stevie Wonder on you and really wonder what agenda is behind Shaeffer and Mayweather? For the sake of fight fans, I hope Floyd proves me wrong and go on to fight Pacquiao. But then again, the real question is, how scared is he to risk his undefeated record? Talk is cheap. Put you money where your mouth is, Money!

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